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Client Chat: Hardesty Communications

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One of the best parts of my job is working with other actual human beings to find out their needs, their problems and their gripes and then deliver lush solutions to help them get themselves or their businesses out into the wide world, looking their best.

Sammy Hardesty is a freelance PR and marketing professional with over four years of experience in content, PR and marketing. She has worked in both digital marketing at an online news publisher and an account manager at an award-winning communications agency.

She works with clients to craft creative content to complement wider communications strategies. With a degree in journalism I am a natural storyteller and have extensive experience creating content pieces suitable for multiple uses across both B2B and B2C sectors.

I chatted to Sammy about her business and why she chose me as her designer, and here's what she had to say:

What made you decide on a rebrand for your business?

The main reason I needed to rebrand was because I got married and changed my name! I took this as an opportunity to also make more of a 'brand' out of what I was doing, rather than just operating using my name. I wanted to appear more professional and have a business name that outlined clearly what I did, which is why I came up with the name Hardesty Communications.

Why did you decide to work with SK Design Studio for your rebrand?

You were recommended to me by a friend and I loved your style when looking at your previous design work. I knew that I needed someone who could also offer more than just a logo and your expertise in assets such as presentation design was going to save me a lot of headaches down the line.

How did you find the process?

The process was great! You provided me with some really varied designs based on brands that I liked, before offering a whole range of different colour palettes when I'd chosen the logo I liked the most. It was great that you also took the time to have a video call with me to really understand what my business was, who my target audience were and how I wanted to come across. During the initial design phase I was also still toying with what to call the business, so you offered some good insight which ultimately helped my final decision.

What was it like to work with SK Design Studio?

It was fab! You are really lovely and professional and really understood exactly what it was that I was after. The whole process was relatively speedy as well!

Would you recommend me to other businesses and, if so, why?

I would absolutely recommend other businesses to work with you. I'm so happy with my branding and all the assets I received - it's helped to make me feel more professional and give an identity to my business. It's hard enough starting up on your own without worrying about branding and design, especially when you aren’t a designer! For that reason, your work for me has been invaluable.

Thanks Sammy – it was a pleasure to work with you too!

If you want to feel more confident with your business branding and need that professional edge, contact me to find out more about my design services.

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