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As a passionate business owner myself, I know only too well the challenges faced by the self-employed. You're a wearer of many hats, an expert task-juggler and a time-magician. It took me too long to appreciate the importance of outsourcing the businessy-bits I wasn't a pro at, and work has become much more manageable, and enjoyable, since then.


If design and marketing are that part of your business that you can't face as often as you like, or even with the best of ideas, your output is always a bit underwhelming, I can take your brand visuals to a new level, giving you the time back you'd waste on creating mediocre DIY designs and inject the impact you need to shout about what you do, with confidence.


SK Design Studio was founded in 2014 by Graphic Designer Samantha Hunter (who was a Cornforth back then); an active, passionate, colour-loving Geordie with a flair for all things design and creativity.

Sam's career began straight out of Uni, interning for a studio in Gateshead and not long into securing her first in-house design role, SK Design Studio was born to fuel her desire for more creative scope.


Her freelance journey began by designing and creating framed typographic prints and beautiful, bespoke wedding invitations. Nine years on and tonnes of clients later, Sam now applies her passion, design knowledge and experience from both in-house and freelance roles to create on-brand graphics and brilliant brand identities, helping businesses of all sizes appeal to their ideal client. 


Helping others in business is something Sam feels passionately about. Fellow business owners rejoice, you've found your personal cheerleader and design professional.


Not only does Sam make you look the part by enhancing your branding assets to align with your business brand and allow you to stand up against your competition, the confidence you will naturally gain is invaluable; a bonus by-product if you will.

Working collaboratively with Sam ensures the best results to reflect your business right now, while still allowing it to grow and evolve.



Hi! I am Sam, a North East based, Freelance Graphic Designer. I support businesses with their design needs, helping them (and their clients) love their brand.



We all judge a book by its cover, and those first impressions to a potential customer viewing your business (in a physical shop front or digital form) really count – their impact can influence securing or losing out on a sale.

I love nothing more than tackling your design stumbling blocks and transforming the aesthetics of your business to best reflect your product, service or message. I create the branding around your brand; the assets you need to stand out from your competitors, to reflect your business ethos and values to align with your future ambitions. Resulting in the best way to appeal to your ideal client and truly represent your business.

I love seeing the confidence that my clients gain from their refreshed new look and amazing assets, and where their new branding takes them – usually on to bigger and better things. An invaluable investment, just see what my clients have to say here.

It's fact that your business’ identity is so much more than ‘just a logo’, and the cohesion of your values and visuals brought together in your branding will be something that you'll probably wish you’d addressed sooner. I love to help businesses, of all sizes, improve their branding and graphics so they're no longer embarrassed about their make-do, start-up 'this will do' logo, and they can't want to shout about what they do.


No need to struggle on with dated, tired graphics that don't align with your offerings (product/service) any more. Bring in an expert and let me show you how I can take your business branding from bog-standard to brand brilliant.

When I’m not working, I love nothing more than hanging out with my family, enjoying a seaside stroll and coastal cuppa. We love to travel and explore new places, both in the UK and abroad. I gain inspiration from just about everywhere; from colour palettes derived from my son’s toys, interesting uses of text and imagery in the layout of articles, street art and pattern design in the tiles of European streets (Lisbon being one of my favourite places to visit)... from all around me.

Design inspo is everywhere.


I love being able to use this to apply a fresh perspective to my latest project, helping me creatively problem-solve my latest design brief. I hope to be able to work with you and assist in your design needs soon.


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  1. I grew up in Cullercoats but have also lived in Leeds and Surrey, always flocking 'back yem' to the Toon like the home bird I am. As Dorothy said, there's no place like home!

  2. I am a mum to one busy little toddler who, hands down, has a better social life than me.

  3. My favourite place to go is the beach, in all weathers. I go when I want to see friends, meet clients, walk my parent's dog, if I have creative-block and need inspo, if I want to relax... I can always find a reason to go to the coast.

  4. I am a biscuit-addict and a chocolate-fiend. Although I don't really like chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake, unless it's Colin (The Caterpillar).

  5. I don't often watch TV. When I do, it's usually GoggleBox to catch up on what everyone else has been watching! 

  6. I'm a massive Stevie Wonder fan. I was lucky enough to see him in Hyde Park several years ago with my parents and it was a total bucket-list moment. ✓
  7. My favourite thing to do is to get away on holiday. Experience other cultures, see new sights and sample ALL the food. The furthest I've travelled is New Zealand – solo!

  8. I have always been an active person and love a Saturday morning Parkrun. My favourite sport is netball.

  9. I am a colour-lover, with my favourite being teal. It was my go-to when branding my own business as its colour connotations represents open communication and clarity of thought. It combines the calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green – perfect in representing my creative approach and stress-free client experience. Teal is also symbolic of the sea and sky (colour psychology = so interesting!) so my coastal roots, love for the outdoors and interest in travel are represented too. Quite apt for my business, personality and goals.

  10. Dogs > Cats. Would love our own dog. One day!

Enjoy reading or relate to any of these 10 things? Cool! B-)

Drop me a line on social media or give me a follow if you'd like to be Insta-friends!


  Think we'll make a good fit for your next design project?  


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