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5 Reasons to Hire a Designer

If you have typed ‘Do I need to hire a designer’ into your search engine, I’m guessing you are up against a deadline to produce something gorgeous for your business. Can you DIY your branding, logo, or company brochure? Or do you need some expert help to expedite the process and end up with a sleek and professional job at the end?

If you’re still not convinced you need to work with a professional designer, here is a blog to help you make an informed decision. And if that decision is to hire a designer, I’ll let you know how to contact me.

You don’t have the in-house skills to do it yourself

There’s no shame in admitting that. Everyone has different skill sets and if yours doesn’t include graphic design, you’re in the majority.

Designing marketing materials and branding resources can be a tricky balance. A balance between watching the budget and producing materials that reflect your business’s professional standing, knowledge of the industry and reputation in the community.

So many of my clients tell me they’ve tried to create their own marketing materials which have got them so far. But to take them to the next level, they need the help of a professional.

Don’t waste your time and efforts, trying and failing to create something amazing when I’m here to help!

You’re just too busy to find time for design work

It’s brilliant that you’re so busy with all your other work that design just gets left at the back of the queue. You’re obviously doing sterling work with the rest of your job.

So now is the time to decide: keep putting that design work on the back burner or outsource it to a professional and let your marketing materials do a big part of your selling? A freelance designer is a great choice if you decide to go the professional route and don’t want to add a designer to your in-house team.

You haven’t a clue where to start

No matter what your MD thinks, how Claire at the watercooler feels, or what your knowledgeable neighbour Neil tells you, design is not easy.

Combine the design of a logo, brochure or website with the needs of your printer, clothing designer and website professional and there’s a whole minefield out there waiting to cause destruction.

You’ll need the right file types for different purposes. You’ll need the correct layout and pagination for a brochure to be printed correctly. You’ll need to know your CMYK colours from your RGB values. Don’t even get me started on producing an impressive website – that’s black magic!

The list is endless.

Make your own life simpler and hire a designer.

You can’t do everything yourself if you want to grow

I know. You started your business in your spare room with a logo designed in Microsoft Paint or Canva and it’s been good enough until now.

But be honest about the goals you have for your business. Do you want growth? Do you want the respect of your peers? Do you want to compete with the slick, professional-looking big boys in your field?

If the answer to that is yes, it’s time to admit a professional designer would bring those goals closer than your DIY skills ever could.

The results will be immediate and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

You want to stand out from the crowd

Yes! You deserve to stand out from the crowd – I’ve heard great things about you! 😉

And a great designer will help you do just that – all while you’re cracking on with the parts of your job that you actually enjoy doing.

Obviously, I’d love to work with you (drop me a line and let’s get started) but I also appreciate that you need to find a designer who fits well with your business, your brand, your ethos. I wrote a blog last year about the process of choosing a graphic designer – you might find that one helpful. So there we have it. I hope you’re convinced that the investment in a good designer is one that your business, colleagues and clients will all thank you for.

I’d love to chat with you about working together and if you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for reading and speak soon!


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