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How to Choose a Graphic Designer

Making the decision to work with a graphic designer can be an intimidating one – I understand. But it doesn’t have to be a scary process.

I’ve put this handy blog together to help you make your decision about which graphic designer is right for you…


Before you even start chatting to designers or Googling their credentials, make sure you’re clear on what you want your graphic designer to do for you. Write down exactly what you’d like them to design, what it will be used for, any preliminary ideas you’ve had for your design and set a budget in your mind.

I know. The budget part can be a minefield. And how can you possibly know how much it might be? You’re not a designer, after all. But it helps to have a maximum figure in your head so you can keep your feet on the ground and your bank balance happy without getting carried away with amazing designs beyond your means.

Oh, and don’t forget to be clear on your timescale too. It’s no use finding the designer of your dreams only to find out they can’t squeeze you in until 2032 when you need your design by next month…


Now comes the fun part. Check out designers in your area. Google them, check out their Insta feed, ask colleagues or business friends for recommendations and generally do a bit of homework about them and their work.

View their portfolios and look up any testimonials they have on their site – reviews are a great way of getting a third-party opinion about designers, to see how happy their existing clients are.

Keep your eyes peeled for designs and styles you like the look of and that might align with your own brand. But also make sure the work each designer carries out has enough elements of originality about it. That way you’re confident your branding, logo or design element won’t be a slightly tweaked version of someone else’s.


Almost there! Now is the time to come up with a shortlist (as short as you can) of designers to contact. The first step might be to set up an informal chat or two to find out if you actually get on with your potential designers. We’re all human beings too and we understand that relationships are an important part of working together.

There’s nothing wrong with ‘interviewing’ your shortlisted designers to see which one comes out as your best match. Think up some questions about your brand, your expectations, their process… just to get a feel for their approach and their values.

Ask how the process will work and what they’ll require from you. Beware a designer who tells you they’ll take everything off your hands and present you with a finished design with very little input from you… while it might seem like a dream come true for a busy business owner, there HAS to be input from you for a designer to create a piece of design that authentically represents you, your brand and your values. Every designer worth their salt should ask loads of questions, provide a questionnaire to be completed and do loads of homework about you and your project before even putting pen to paper, finger to mouse or brain to concept.

Once you’ve got a feel for the individuals behind the options, it’s time to make a decision. Match up what you know about the work they create with the people you’ve spoken to and hopefully, an obvious match should present itself.

Need more help choosing a graphic designer to work with? Feel free to browse my portfolio and see whether anything there tickles your fancy. But don’t just take my word for my credentials, I have loads of testimonials and happy clients who would happily vouch for me too… like this one from Lizzie of The Book Detectives:

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