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Working With A Graphic Designer

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I’m often asked what is involved with working with a graphic designer. How much input will you have as a client? What information will the designer need from you? How long with the process take?

In this blog I’m going to answer each of these and many more questions by taking you, step by step, through the process of working with a graphic designer – and more specifically, with me at SK Design Studio – so you can feel confident at each step of our journey together.

Sound good? Then let’s jump straight in…


The first stage of our journey is a good old chinwag. You’ve decided you need some help with your branding and design so you’ve already put some feelers out. I’ve sent you my branding packages document so you can have a look through my services and get a feel for my style.

The next thing to do is book a discovery call. Don’t worry though. This is a no-strings-attached short chat to find out what you need and whether you think we might be able to work together. If the answer’s no, that’s no problem. Ho hard feelings and we both go on about our day.

If you’d like to move further along, that’s amazing!

Now we can talk about availability and deadlines.


By now you’ll have had the chance to consider my three design packages, as well as any add on services you might need. If you’re unsure, just drop me a line and I’ll talk you through my recommendations based on your needs as a business.

But once you’ve decided which package suits your needs down to the ground, you’ll pay a non-refundable 50% deposit and we’re good to go. You’re in the diary – how exciting!?

Next, you’ll read through my Branding Knowledge Pack and complete your Brand Questionnaire – this will help me get a real feel for your business, your goals, your values and your motivations. We’ll then chat through your responses during a 30-minute branding call before I make a start on your designs.


Once I’ve worked my magic, I’ll reveal your designs via email. You’ll receive a feedback questionnaire so you can choose your favourite design and I’ll chat with you about any amendments that might be needed at this stage. The designs I send over will be in black and white only. Don’t panic! This just helps us focus on the graphics themselves without being distracted by colours and gradients and other lovely things like that.


We’re nearly there and it’s getting really exciting now! The next stage is to present your final choice in a number of colourways for you to select your favourite. Once you’ve paid the final invoice, I’ll refine your design files into final files. These are the files you can use on your social media, printed media, website – just about anywhere you can think of! I’ll also create a Brand Style Guide to help you use your new design properly.

And, hey presto, you’re ready to share your gorgeous new design work with friends, family, customer and the world!


But don’t worry. I won’t cast you out into the scary world of new design without lending a bit of extra support. I’m here if you need me. To answer questions, clear up any queries and help you until you’re satisfied you can go it alone.

I’d kindly ask for a review or testimonial so I can shout about the work we’ve done together (this gets your business or organisation some extra exposure too if you’re happy with that) and find other businesses to help.

It’s never goodbye though. Simply, see ya later! Because I’d love to work with you again in the future.

And that’s it. Simple.

I don’t like to make processes and journeys complicated. That’s no good for you or me! Let’s keep it simple, fun and enjoyable. Sound good?

Lush! Get in touch and let’s start a new journey together.

Sam x

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