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Providing design support to a busy marketing team, Sam has freelanced for many companies including Gateshead based company TRAIDCRAFT, mainly at their premises during periods of high demand. This work includes the design of their newsletter The Bulletin, event invitations, pop-up banners, digital email artwork, social media images, and blog post artwork.


Traidcraft are the original fair trade pioneers in the UK, advocating the importance of organic farming, sustainability and transparency to the lives of growers and artisans around the world. Traidcraft were founded back in 1979, when they published their first hand-drawn catalogue, quickly followed by introducing the first fair trade tea, coffee and sugar to the UK. In 1992 they co-founded the Fairtrade Foundation, and have been going strong ever since - for 40 years in fact!





I would have no hesitation recommending Sam; smart, quick, efficient and adaptable, she helped design our e-comms, and social comms. Always to a high standard.

Jo Forster, Digital Marketing Manager - Traidcraft

Sam is adaptable and resourceful, and provides much needed support during periods of high demand for businesses, large and small. If you have limited resources to meet demand, hire Sam as an extension of your team; outsourcing can allow your team to focus on other tasks and brings in Sam's fresh pair of eyes (and creative brain) or simply to provide an extra pair of hands on projects at your workplace.

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