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Welcome to my SK blog!

W E L C O M E . . .

Thanks for visiting my all NEW, shiny SK DESIGN STUDIO blog!

I am hoping to find/make the time to write here once a month (she says!)... I will try keep it focused mainly on design and creativeness, a little about me and life as a freelancer, my love for the North East and my passion toward supporting local, small businesses just like mine!

Those who know me know that I am partial to coastal cuppa so I'm sure there's a post (or two) to be written about my favourite spots along the North East coast, for a great coffee, slice of cake and, of course, brunch!

I am looking forward to telling you about my work, my design process and why you should work with me.

Catch me on social media for more frequent updates, connect with me on LinkedIn or sign up to my newsletter to be the first to find out about news, design tips and all the latest from SK HQ.

Thanks for reading my first, very short, blog post!


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