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Full rebrand for photography business For You Photography, to elevate their branding.


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ForYou bridge img.jpg


Lauren knew it was time to re-brand.


Her business, For You Photography was taking off but her 'this-will-do-for-now' logo, created in the infancy of her business journey, just wasn't cutting it anymore. She needed a strong, bold logo that reflected her uniqueness and her business offerings to help her align her graphics, website and allow her to stand-out to clients.

I was only too pleased to help and, receive great feedback...


"I absolutely love my new logo, which features the Tyne Bridge to signify my love of the city. But having the iconic landmark as part of my logo means so much more to me than merely identifying as a Newcastle business..."         Read more here.







It was a pleasure working with Lauren. Because of her experience in working with businesses, she knew pretty much all there is to know about branding from the get go. That initial understanding is vital to get off on the right foot. It gave me the idea to produce my Branding Knowledge Guide to educate my future clients on the importance of branding and inform them of the designery lingo we use in our journey to creating a strong brand. 

Lauren is a very talented photographer, but she didn't have a clue where to start with creating a logo. Her existing branding consisted of a sub-standard DIY logo which helped get her business off the ground but it was a piece of her brand puzzle which just didn't fit anymore. She needed a revamp in order to appeal to the clientele she dreamed of working with.


Her brand colours were coming through in the style of imagery she shot when she shared her own marketing and it was a no brainer to extract these and utilise them in her logo and marketing collateral. A bright orange and bold blue were selected and I provided the colour codes (CMYK, RGB, Hexcodes) for Lauren to filter these across her website and social media channels.

Her logo mark was so important to identify her and set her aside from her competition. After analysing her Business Questionnaire answers within the initial stages of our project, we identified that we needed to include the Tyne Bridge (her favourite Northern landmark!) to situate her in the North East. Incorporating a camera or camera lens was tricky but I presented half a dozen options with varying degrees of subtlety. Her business name was important to include, as I recommend with 99% of my branding clients, so the business name is clear, visible and impactful. 

Lauren loved the concepts I presented and after choosing her favourite and making a small tweak, we were ready to apply colour and bring the logo mark to life! At concept stage, I present all my designs (minimum x3) in black and white. This helps simplify the design and make sure our logo works in one colour only. It also helps us focus on the shape and layout of the design itself, rather than get distracted by colours. The application of colour is the next stage, and logos are refined and created in all relevant file types – EPS (vector), JPG, PDF and PNG (with transparency). The Brand Style Sheet comes next with all important info housed on one sheet; a one-stop-shop for Lauren to reference and use her colours, fonts and logo with ease.

Not only do the results of Lauren's rebrand look more engaging, more interesting and more professional, it has allowed her to approach and attract a higher level of clientele, raise her prices and communicate her message effectively, and confidently. An invaluable investment for her business which continues to go from strength to strength and has paid for itself 10x over!


Lauren's strong, cohesive branding used consistently across all of her platforms and marketing collateral, emphasises her trustworthy and reliable business, and the confidents it gives her as a business owner to create her graphics, communicate her offerings and show off her business is a bonus bi-product!

Do you want to transform your brand visuals, find bigger and better clients and gain confidence with a more professional look like like Lauren did? Just drop me a line here...  and we can get the ball rolling!

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