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"My ability to adapt and strong skill set has seen me work successfully with a wide range of clients, companies and businesses, both new and developing, producing brand identities from the ground up as well as stepping into teams and adhering to pre-existing brand guidelines. I love the variety of work and people I get to meet and work with in my job and how design can help to give people the confidence to get their brand/business 'out there'.


I also love how self-employment gives me the freedom to work with people who value what I do and  create work for projects I am passionate about. I love helping people through beautiful, intelligent design.

Working for design agencies, small businesses and large companies has seen me slot into fast-paced environments where I have to be adaptable and work to specific time constraints. Drop me a line if you think I can help with your design challenges and assist your marketing team during busy periods, and where that fits in with my current avaialability - happy to help!"