The owners of a fashion retail e-commerce site approached SK DESIGN STUDIO to create their logo and brand identity. After talking to them about what they wanted to achieve with their brand and it's values, Sam worked on creating a name and logo for them.

Their business idea of a delivery service, based in major cities starting in London, centered around having clothing items delivered the same day directly to your door, whether that be your workplace or home. Playing on this Sam came up with the name 'Dart' which had a double meaning in using the noun to refer to a clothing alteration (a small fold, becoming narrower towards one end, that is sewn into a piece of clothing to make it fit better) and also speed - a quick sudden movement.

This is echoed and depicted in the logo's image, again referencing clothing and speed. The brand colours were monochrome and a san serif typeface was created to portray a minimal, high-end fashion feel.

A short presentation PDF was also created to present to prospective business investors. ( images coming soon... )